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Cypress Semiconductor

Cypress Semiconductor

Introduction Of Manufacturers

Cypress Semiconductor Corporation produces high-performance IC products, used for data transmission, telecommunications, PC and military systems. Company established in 1982, is an international company. There are about 3,000 people who have established a global sales network. The company is headquartered in California, San Jose. The company's production facilities include: Stronghold 1: San Jose, California, is the company's first plant, and now R & D base. Stronghold 2: Texas Round Rock, 1986 was established, producing SRAM products. Stronghold 3: Cypress Semiconductor Philippines Inc. (CSPI), a company established in the Philippines, assembly, testing plant put into production in 1996, also in Indonesia have the same sort of factory. In addition to California's Silicon Valley has the earliest design center, the company in the United States, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Minnesota, Kentucky, New Hampshire and England, Ireland, the Philippines also has a design factory. 1987 started using 0.8 micron CMOS process technology, in 1992 transferred to 0.65 micron, 0.21 micron technology will soon be introduced, and now more than 70% of products using 0.35 micron or less manufacturing process. Currently, Cypress Semiconductor's new strategy is aimed at large-capacity semiconductor market, a series of new steps taken to that end: the product assembly, testing moved offshore, reducing product / package quantity, improvement of production equipment to improve production efficiency, reduce market cycles.

Main Products

High performance IC products for data transmission, remote communications, PC and military systems.