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Freescale Semiconductor, Inc

Freescale Semiconductor, Inc

Introduction Of Manufacturers

Freescale Semiconductor from automotive, media player, washing machine, dryer into the network infrastructure, Freescale ubiquitous intelligence and interconnect products, involving all aspects of daily life, thereby promoting the progress of the world. Freescale Semiconductor Embedded Development solutions dating back 50 years ago, was still Motorola's semiconductor division. Now, in more than 30 countries, has developed into a business organization, with 24,000 employees powerful independent enterprises. Specifically for the automotive, consumer electronics, industrial, networking and wireless applications "brain." It is extremely rich management solutions, microcontrollers, RF semiconductors, analog and mixed signal circuits and software technologies are embedded in the world use a variety of products.

Main Products

Microcontrollers, Processors, Analog and Power Management, Digital Signal Processors and Controllers, Sensors, Software and Tools.