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Honeywell Solid State Electronics Center

Honeywell Solid State Electronics Center

Introduction Of Manufacturers

Honeywells Solid State Electronics Center (SSEC) is a division of Honeywell's subordinates, the main production of aviation and military special IC and commercial use sensors and other electronic devices. It provides products and solutions include the following aspects: 1. Radiation Electronics: Products include commercial satellites, military satellites, strategic missiles, space based systems and other computer systems used by IC. 2. Magnetic sensors: the company's products using magnetoresistive (magnetoresistive) technique is often used to replace the inductive magnetic sensor. Applications include remote vehicle monitoring, positioning systems, security systems and medical instruments. 3. Pressure sensor: Based on the piezoresistive (piezoresistive) and with the microcontroller technology, not only a high accuracy and can be sent directly via the data network to the PC applications, including aviation equipment, industrial boiler control, wastewater treatment and braking systems. 4. High temperature electronics: Temperature range from -55 oC to 225 oC, design goal is 225 oC after five years of continuous use not less than 99.6% reliability. Used drilling equipment and steam control. 5. Medical / Industrial ASIC: for low-power medical, instrumentation and control applications, the working voltage as low as 0.9V. Honeywells Solid State Electronics Center (SSEC) in Minnesota, with the design, production and product strength. There are currently employs approximately 650 people.

Main Products

1. Radiation electronic 2. Magnetic sensor 3. Pressure sensor 4. High product 5. Medical / Industrial ASIC.

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