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Analog Devices Inc

Analog Devices Inc

Introduction Of Manufacturers

Analog Devices development, production, marketing high-performance analog, digital and mixed-signal IC, for all types of signal processing, is currently in analog and digital signal processing aspects of precision high-performance IC leader. The main products including system and IC and common standard linear IC, in addition also assembled products produced using technology to produce the device products. The company is headquartered in Norwood, Massachusetts, in the United States market, under several product segments: the Computer Products Division, Communications Division, transportation and industrial products segment, Standard Products Division and accelerometer (accelerometer) segments. Analog Devices has multiple design centers in the world, located state of New Hampshire Nashua, New Jersey Somerset, Texas, Austin, Washington, Vancouver, Israel, India and so on. Production facilities located in Massachusetts, North Carolina to the Rhone, California, Israel, the Philippines, Taiwan has a sense of the company's factory.

Main Products

IC products mainly include: audio amplifiers, comparators, ADC, DAC, embedded processing, digital signal processing, MEMS, sensors, radio waves, power management, audio / video.