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Introduction Of Manufacturers

STMicroelectronics(ST) is the world's largest semiconductor companies, with 2006 annual revenues were $ 9.85 billion first half of 2007 revenue $ 4.69 billion. Sales revenue in the semiconductor industry is distributed among the top five high-growth market equilibrium (five markets accounted for a percentage of sales revenue in 2007): Communication (35%), consumer (17%), computers (16%), automotive (16%), industry (16%). According to the latest industry statistics, STMicroelectronics is the world's fifth largest semiconductor manufacturers in many markets in the world leading level. For example, STMicroelectronics is the world's largest dedicated analog chips and power conversion chip manufacturers, the world's largest industrial semiconductor chip suppliers and set-top boxes, and in discrete devices, mobile phone camera modules and automotive integrated circuits in the world.

Main Products

Dedicated IC, microprocessor, semi-custom IC, Memory, standard IC, discrete components.